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May 5, 2005

It aint no MASH 4077

His goal, he said, is to convince his listeners that the abuse of innocent Iraqis by the American military is not limited to "a few bad apples," as the military would like the public to believe. "At what point," he asked, "does a series of 'isolated incidents' become a pattern of intolerable behavior?" I don't understand how we can let this happen. People who have done nothing are imprisoned along with suspected terrorists. Innocent people are shot or abused and the privates and the floor washers take the heat for it. Or no one takes the heat. Of course these are kids who have already been there too long with not enough armor, not enough soldiers and not enough guidance. Clearly not enough guidance. And all their friends are blowing up beside them and the enemy look like the civilians. It just makes me furious the way we wage war. And the idiotic things that happen in this country. Why can some suspected terrorists buy guns while others are shipped off to be tortured or killed? And according to iraq body count, at least 21,447 CIVILIANS have died in this war. How many of our civilians have died? Because Iraq has nothing to do with the 3000 people who died in the WTC. Nothing. And what can I do? Nothing. I wrote a couple of plays. I'm sure as soon as Bush reads them this matter will all be cleared up.

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