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Jun 10, 2005

Jesus is the best

Perhaps you've noticed that I haven't figured out how to upload pictures. Oh, um, I mean my stylistic choice is to not use pictures. So you'll have to imagine them or take the links to the sites that have the pictures. Like my site. Have you been to a phonovox show yet? Why not? What are you waiting for. All this week baby. Support Carroll Gardens or New Orleans or Hell's Kitchen or where you come from. I bet one of those guys is from where you come from. Support him for the love of God! Hope to see you there. K and I are going to the forest or the beach Sunday. Hope to see you there too. In the news, some people are asexual. I wish I were. I would be so productive. Or would I just think about something unproductive other than sex. Would I replace that obsession with soemthing like my little pony? Or would I spend all that extra time thinking about Alf? The NY times tells me Skin stuff will keep you young forever if you live in Canada or France or aren't afraid to break the law. Also in the news, Janice Rogers Brown is crazy. Appartently also, there is a movement to keep our kids from knowing about gay people. But not asexuals. Or Catholic priests. In other news, Bush continues evil practices while Jesus is in his heart. How can so many people suffer when we know he listens to Jesus. Jesus, maybe you have to speak up a bit. Get him to stop torturing those wacky Iraqis. Say something about Darfur if you could, too please. Thanks, Jesus. You're the best.


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