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Jun 17, 2005

Thank you, Sheila!

I got an email this morning about sneaker chocolate. (apparently the world's first.) I would show you but according to the email "these exclusive images are highly confidential and are only for your viewing pleasure." (read as my viewing pleasure) I read Noah Haidle's Mr. Marmalade this morning in American Theatre magazine. (pretty great) Larry and I saw Doubt last night (truly great, but left me a little cold) K didn't believe me when I told her Heidi was still in our apt this morning. Why would I lie about that? I felt like Big Bird trying to convince everyone Snuffalufagous was real. I hope I didn't offend Heidi too much when I told her she was like Snuffalufagous. She did leave soon after.

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Sheila said...

You're welcome, Muffin.