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Jul 20, 2005


3 more performances of Nerve Wed the 27th, Thurs Aug 4, and Fri Aug 5th at 7pm. If you miss that, looks like The Relationship Game will be going up for three days in early September--it looks that way, anyway. Perhaps I have spoken too soon. Also in the works a non-public reading of my new play, Pretty Theft in Aug. Let me know if you want to come and I'll try to sneak you in. Next week we will be in beautiful Seattle. I've never been. I'm very excited but mostly I have to get the f*ck out of this place. The city is wearing on me. Don't get me wrong. I love New York. I LOVE New York. But sometimes it gets to be a little much. Question for the playwrights--often at the end of a rehearsal the director will say something like, "Adam did you want to say anything?" Now I'm normally pretty mute at rehearsals--I'll answer questions but I don't like to talk too much and the reason for this is because when I hear my play being read I feel like I am speaking non-stop. Does anyone else feel this way?


Hikaru said...

Only during monologues.

It's odd, I feel really divorced from my plays when characters are talking to each other. Monologues (in my opinion) are pretty theatrical, so that's the only time I ever feel myself really talking.

Elohimus Maximus said...

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Jason Grote said...

I sometimes have an odd impulse to convert audience members to the Church of Latter-Day Saints after hearing one of my plays.

No, actually, I hate talkbacks, and with rare exceptions I'd much rather speak discreetly to the director than to the cast as a whole. I have differing comfort levels based on the situation, but usually I don't want to say much beyond "great job, guys."

Katie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. You'll LOVE Seattle. It is the perfect time of year to go there!

Frenchy said...

Ok. I want to see both of you.
No missing each other this time !