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Aug 8, 2005

Blogroll Please

Please welcome Bog Face and the Palace of the Spitting Frog to the blogroll. The Palace is a wonderful place to stay and a Jenn is a really good person and host. If you ever get an opportunity to stay at the Palace of the Spitting Frog(s), I highly recommend it. Bog Face kicked my ass at basketball yesterday. As did FW and T-Dawg. I suck at basketball. But I am relatively good at drinking PBR at the Yacht Club which was where we headed when we got tired of the baseball players trying to hit us out of the basketball court. Gary met us not at the court but at the club. Many people did not make either the club or the court. You know who you are, you non-participators and giver-uppers. Hope you can make it next time.

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