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Aug 10, 2005

Class is in Session (but not for me yet)

School has started up again and all the fresh faced youths are intent on becoming newly minted journalists. I watch throngs of them stream up the steps chatting and effusing as I wait silently for the elevator to carry me to my wall-less cubicle on the 7th floor of this ivory tower. I am old and bearded and can only watch their excitement with nostalgia. I almost forget that I will attend an ivory tower of my own soon. Albeit part-time. I will still come here every day and the fresh faced interviewers-to-be will see me as an office drone. Which is, of course, what I am.


Hikaru said...

On the positive side, you'll have an "in" with the Pulitzers.

Adam said...

I agree. As soon as they find out I'm a secretary here, they'll give me a Pulitzer.