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Aug 12, 2005

Friday Everyone is Disgruntled

Tap tap at me with your negativity. Spread it thick over the place you imagine my face to be. It's not my problem, this thing you wrestle. Don't make me soak it in. I will skid over the wet place you made, skate by it, float over it, walk around it. When I was little, I was angry like you. I had little fists that wanted to hurt. I had a heart that cried when my fists made contact. I had lungs that heaved with my child tears. Now I am old and I am disgruntled. I don't need your grunting to fill up my misery. ---------------------------------- I have no idea how I will manage to see all the fringe shows I plan to/want to see. It is almost entirely impossible. Please know if I don't get to your show, I tried. Oh God how I tried.

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