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Sep 16, 2005


What I didn't tell you was about my first day of class. I left work early so I could get my required Tetnus shot before class. Now I'm not good with needles and have a history of sometimes fainting. This time I didn't faint. However, I did projectile vomit all over my pants, all over the floor in the heath center, probably all over the nurses (or are they doctors?). They were very nice about it and lent me scrubs to wear to class--or the pants anyway. I had some bright blue pants for my first day of playwriting class. Because of my vomiting they decided I didn't have to have the hep b shot, explaining to me I could only get it from blood. "Like from sharing heroin needles?" I said. "You may have noticed I don't like needles." They also reminded me that I wouldn't have to get another tetnus shot for 10 years. I plan to spend the next 10 years being bitten by dogs and stepping on rusty nails. Hell, what do I have to worry about?


Brikin Blog said...

Ha! Wow, that's a great first day of playwriting class story. I love that you attended class in scrubs.

RB Ripley said...

I feel your pain. Someday I'll tell you about a blood test fiasco I created.

But really now, fess up, wasn't scoring some free scrubs worth it all?