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Nov 4, 2005

I feel like my time is not really my own these days. It seems to be slipping away. Here is where I would link to delightful things found on the internet--but you have the internet and perhaps the time to find them yourself. I'll give you a head start--take a look at the great folks on my blogroll to the right. I am told that DPS will be publishing my play Deflowering Waldo--perhaps I have spoken too soon--before the contract is signed. Is that bad luck to speak before all the t's are crossed (or before all the z's are crossed in my case)? However it is, this is exciting me more than anything. Much more than it should, I think. And all I'm really thinking is that now I can prove that I exist--as if that will do it, or as if that's what I'm aiming for, which, unfortunately, I probably am. Gotta write that cowboy play to really prove I exist. That should do it, right?

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