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Nov 15, 2005

so here is this thing I enjoy doing

I took the monologue from previous post and I translated it into korean using google. then I cut and pasted translation and translated it back into english. Fun FUN FUN! There is a possibility you seeing and when, as is to be opened the distant COWGIRL the west to be wide. In order to fill other the each one and all and for all your relative the there ' S room for your wild oneself a guard in the emptiness which is legitimate it waits and an ' inside small formation of a cabinet indicates. For the large candle won explaining bite whisky beverage in the actual place bar my boot time it is it for quality of the I horse to peel, as it likes in the morning when it is born. The Wesson It ' S the here which is wild? The I the won ' T comes and it ain ' T, but it ' S from by aim me which am severe the donkey territory which gets wet more does well most anyhow, under wildness but in from Mister and Mister in us the taming el us who get the E for opportunity all and su Miss. And we ' use the em, liberalism. Won person from here selects large candle won dogs ' ll bite ' round. So, the gunslingers is bad more. They die and it kicks hard with the bud payth. For the shootin which most part it spreads out ' seeing at the outside et ess c. Now that time after, don ' T pleasure. When possibility there is you, ci height, it is to live in that lwup remainder of comfort, try the fact that it tries the fact that it defends. And up it already inside the box I didn ' T, ten:00 bedspreads under illusion languages.


Eve said...

Wow- that is SO true.

I was thinking that very same thing the other day as I was contemplating the quality of the horse I was peeling, and selecting my very own large candle won dog.

I'm glad somebody finally had the balls to SAY it.

Adam said...

Thanks! I really appreciate the support. I was afraid there would be lots of backlash for this post--which still may happen because I don't think Bush had anyone read it to him yet. And when that happens . . . I'm just a little afraid of what I may be saying politically.

Eve said...

Don't fret Adam- you have freedom of speech on your side.. and also, Bush can barely understand plain english, let alone this cryptic crap.
I think you're safe. :)

Scott Walters said...

Does this qualitfy as multiculturalism?

Adam said...