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Nov 10, 2005

You don’t hear much about the Holy Spirit anymore. God, sure, Jesus, yup, but not much Holy Spirit. At least the whackos on the trains and in the streets shout a lot about God and Jesus but none of them ever mention the Holy Spirit. Why is that? Has the Holy Spirit outlived its usefulness—like the Greek gods? If God is everywhere, what do you need the Holy Ghost for exactly? God and Jesus are much easier to put an image to anyway. The holy spirit is less imagistic. I imagine someday our Judeo Christian God will go the way of the Greek Gods—no one will really believe anymore but there will be a soft spot in everyone’s heart—the “if only” or the nostalgia of a Santa Claus or what leprechauns are in Ireland. Then we’ll all become some sort of Buddhist or earth loving religion or all take on some science-based belief system. Really. That’s what I think will happen in the US. Even in the red states. In like 300 years. Or 2000. How long we gonna be around anyway? I should get around to reading the Bible—bet there’s a lot of stuff in there.

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RB Ripley said...

" If God is everywhere, what do you need the Holy Ghost for exactly?"

I asked this very same question of the Sister Mary Robert who was teaching my CCD class in preparation for our confirmation.

I shant tell you the response but I never really thought of myself as Catholic after she finished.