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Dec 5, 2005

The reading of Food For Fish went surprisingly well. There are some things I want to work on still in the revision but overall I feel like the play is in good shape. Now to get going on the cowboy hamlet (on page 41 today—about 60 more pages to go) and also have to write a 20-30 min play on commission immediately after I finish the draft of cowboy hamlet. Never mind revising that screenplay I’m co-writing which reminds me that the one I wrote on my own could also use some revision if I ever plan on letting anyone see it. So I’m busy right now. I want to talk about the activities of the weekend but I feel as though my description of them will somehow cheapen them and I want them to stay pristine in my mind. good times.


RB Ripley said...

Keep typing, friend.

Good Words,


P'tit Boo said...

Wow. That's what the school does huh ? It forces you to write many things at once ? Where you always that prolific ?

Adam said...

I'm trying to make the most of school--I don't know that everyone is doing the same amount of writing and no I'm not always this prolific.