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Jan 13, 2006

every friday like this friday is like this friday most every friday

This is from an email trying to sell me viagra. Below the viagra pitch and presumably links reads the following. Can anyone explain this to me? atelier keep, and then fell on Miss Millss neck, sobbing as if her tender wipe Chinese inscriptions of an immense collection of tea-chests, or the palace After tea we had the guitar; and Dora sang those same dear old mismatch If I had not guessed this, on the way to the coffee-house, I could accept there then appeared a procession of new horrors, called arbitrary see stood, for my dear affectionate little Dora, embracing her, began renter which quite affected me. He was so peaceful and resigned - clearly spoil over-starched himself - I was at first alarmed by the idea that he lark of nature. She is a thing of light, and airiness, and joy. I am withstand night, almost every night, for a long time, we had a sort of finish not render it necessary for me to open, even for a quarter of an cirque up - that he was a man to feel touched in the contemplation of. I intramural inconsistency and recklessness of Traddles were not to be exceeded canal Very well, Mr. Copperfield, said Mr. Spenlow, I must try my toilet observed that he carried his head with a lofty air that was lilac childhood, that shut up like a bite. Compressing her lips, in cashier a quarter of an hour, grave affairs long since composed. subscribe Chancellor of the Exchequer, would occasionally throw in an mommy suggested that he should dictate speeches to me, at a pace, and evenings pious sentiment, and slowly shaking his head as he poised himself


Sheila said...

These are excerpts from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. No joke.

Adam said...

you're right. but each sentence is from a different place. at least they're not in order