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Jan 11, 2006

not writing at all right now but reading John Irving. He's really good. I've never read his stuff before. Supposedly many years ago in the 60's my uncle and John rode across Europe together on their motorcycles. Perhaps if I hadn't known that, I would have read some Irving before now. Perhaps not. ---- Just found out that Sad, a play Kristen and I wrote together, will be done later this month by Little Fish Theatre Co in San Pedro, CA. If you want to see it, we're in Evening A. OPENS FRIDAY, JANUARY 20 Runs Fridays and Saturdays through February 18 .


Kev said...


I have read a few of John Irvings books. Enjoyed all I have read, he is quirky honest and inventive I guess, and funny. He has to be one of the few writers who made me laugh aloud in on a public train with the bizarre situations he creates for his characters.

Gratz on getting your piece staged. I personally neither know about nor have any affinity for stagewriting, but, like a kind of mid life writing crisis thing, have realised that if I don't try it soon I never will. People around me keep talking about writing for plays, someone gave me a leaflet about a short play writing competition the other day and I stumbled somehow,just now, I have not idea why across your blog while searching for something completely different So perhaps I should take this as a sign. Will have a peek at some of your other posts while I am here :)



Adam said...


Thanks for reading. I think I speak for all playwrights when I say it is a terrible life I would wish on no one. That said, Welcome. We can always use one more!!