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Jan 19, 2006

other possible titles

lil help? The Unwilling Cowboy Dead Cowboy Dead Cowboys Tell No Lies The Unhappy Cowboy Herbie, the Unwilling Cowboy Saddle Sores Whiskey and Sand Herbie and the Great Shootout Gunfights Always End By Sunset Sundown Herbie, Son of the West Vultures Ain't Picky 'Bout Dead Cowboys Herbie's Showdown Herbie's First Showdown Big Cowboy Showdown Even a Catus Dies Without Love The Cowboy Ain't No Cowboy in Heaven Cowboy Surprise A Cowboy For All Seasons Bootful of Whiskey The Firewater Diary A Cowboy Dies in His Boots A Dead Cowboy Walks Alone The Poet The Cowboy Poet Desert Rose looking for a title. anyone?


Freeman said...

I'm partial to:
Even a Cactus Dies Without Love (which is actually a really funny title)
The Cowboy (I am a big fan of "The" in front of Nouns for Titles)
Bootful of Whiskey (very Tom Waits)

Of course...I haven't read a darn word of it.

Adam said...

thanks. It's a cowboy comedy version of hamlet

Lindsey B said...

I like:
The Unwilling Cowboy
Whiskey and Sand
Bootful of Whiskey

or maybe I just like Whiskey.

Adam said...

how about
The Disinclined Cowboy
The Reluctant Cowboy
Obligatory Cowboy

are those any good?

Freeman said...

How about Too Much In The Sun?

Dorothy said...

I also like "Even a cactus die without love".

Dead cowboys tell no lies.

I love whiskey and sand but if it's a comedy i think it doesn't work.

Though "Sand in Herbie's Wiskey" might work.

Loveless cacti.

Adam said...

cactusjuice whiskey firewater

fm said...

hmmm - you ask an interesting question. titles are like magic really. or they are like the wand that sets everything a-light. So i think you should go with -

Herbie, Prince of Yanks

hpmelon said...

How about

Moody Cowboys Wear Spurs

Or maybe just


Adam said...

Ideally I like a title with double (or triple)meaning--literal and figurative which at the same time shows the tone of the play. A good example of a title I had that I liked was Deflowering Waldo--the play about the virgin who was afraid of flowers (among other things). I don't want another title like that but for that play it is a freakin perfect title. Maybe I need to rethink the way I choose titles. I like titles that are not searchable by google, yet. Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on that.

Floyd said...

How about HAMLET IN CHAPS!!! LOL!!! OMG!!!

Adam said...

thank you franny, melon, freeman, lindsey, and dorothy. and floyd.

At the moment I'm going with The Reluctant Cowboy. You are welcome to change my mind with persuasive arguments or cash gifts.

Frenchy said...

I think the Reluctant Cowboy is a good title but it's too serious for a comedy !
How do I change your mind ?

Cowboy no wanna ? (kidding)

Something with boots dragging ?
I am sure you've already moved on...