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Jan 4, 2006

Which Woman's Work?

This Woman's Work Theatre Co., Inc. will be doing my short play Save as part of their show "Awakening" later this month. Save has already been done in Idaho, Los Angeles, Michigan, and Arizona. Now it makes it's NY debut. Details below: Next Big THING, a division of TWWTC, proudly presents: "AWAKENING" ...reflections on birth, death and everything in between Directed by Christopher Goodrich Lighting Design by Christopher R. Hoyt An evening of collected monologues, written by emerging male and female plawrights from across the country, performed by a diverse group of exceptional local actors Premiering at Chashama (217 E. 42nd Street) January 26-28, 2006, 7:00 p.m. Reserve tickets NOW at: 212-502-8630 "AWAKENING" stars: Mollye Asher *Bonnie Lee Barrios Candace Reid Aaron J. Fili *Maybeth Ryan *Debra Anderson Troy Hall *Tawanna Brown *Mary Hodges *Jack R. Marks Mando Alvarado Frank Juliano Kevin Logie *Courtesy Actor's Equity Association TWWTC congratulates the following playwrights, whose monologues were selected for inclusion in "AWAKENING": Adam Szymkowicz Laura Lewis Barr Karin Williams Peter Langman Christina Pippa Dan Trujillo Lia Romeo Dale Andersen Christine DiGiovanni November Dawn Catherine Zambri Riggs Jim Dunleavy Elizabeth Canavan


Dan said...

What night are you going, Adam? I'll be there Saturday.

BTW, the word verification to enter this comment was "bwahy," which sounds like something Prof. Frink would say.

Adam said...

I don't know prof Frink.

And I don't yet know when I'm going.