Monday, February 20, 2006

K and I just got a cat who is named Skeezer, at the moment. Skeezer is a one year old black and white cat who fell out of a window and broke both her legs. She is fully healed now but has metal plates in her. Having had her for a couple days now, I can see how she fell out of a window. She seems to fall off everything. I don't know why the window was open however. And I will never know. But anyway, she seems like a great cat and I am very excited.


bladio said...

that is cool news! i bet she'll have fun at your place. i speak from experience after all.

Jason Grote said...

Yeah, awesome! Post some pictures.

Adam said...

I think she is having fun, but not as much fun as you had, Bladio.

Jason, If and when I get the capabilities I will post some photos. Until then you will have to imagine.