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Mar 9, 2006

Jobs I have had

I worked in a video store I took inventories in stores and warehouses using large calculators and electronic balances I tutored reading and writing I worked as a deck hand on a tour boat scooting up and down the Connecticut River where my job duties including bartending, lugging trash and steering the boat. I was a tour guide at Gillette Castle For three weeks I worked in a copy store I was Asst Manager and then Manager of various video stores in a chain in MA I sold wholesale fence to fence contractors I worked in shipping and receiving for a 3D artist whose work is in all the windows in times square. I was a set builder at Columbia University. No one was ever hurt...by me. I worked for 2 agents, 1 theatre, and 1 producer, largely in a lit capacity Which brings me to the current Administrative Asst Position at the Journalism School where I photocopy proofread and perform other sundry duties.


Enrique Urueta said...

dude--you're barely older than me. How'd you work so many damn jobs?

Jason Grote said...

This is an interesting game:

Gas station attendant, Getty (some cousin's station in Sheila's home town, almost an hour from home, no one ever came to the gas station, laid off)
Yard work for some rich guy (fired for walking in on him and his wife right after sex but I didn't know that at the time)
Line cook, McDonalds (fired after 3 weeks)
Fry cook, Stewarts (quit when owner kicked me in butt)
Stockboy, Kmart
Ballet and tap shoe fitter, Capezio Dance Shoes
Camp counsellor, Mercer County Community College Camp
Unsure of job, Montclair Book Center (I hid and read, and often opted to be paid in books)
Checkout, Kings
Checkout, A&P (shoplifted like mad)
Video Store clerk (never paid by pothead boss, threatened to sue)
Some horrible guidette store in the mall that blasted Crystal Waters tunes 24-7, quit when I theater practicum needed me
Stand-up comedian (lasted 2 gigs at Casey O'Toole's in the Willowbrook Mall)
Office assistant, Montclair State office of cultural progamming - first pleasant job
Assistant Manager, Oaktree
Sales clerk, Outdoor Store
Afterschool program & summer camp, YMCA
Waiter, Casey O'Toole's
Waiter, Palm Grill - world's stupidest restaurant owners
Waiter, The Office
Waiter, Houlihans
Cater-waiter, freelance, for various companies (drank on job often, fired from Javitz Center for disappearing for hours at a time)
Line monitor with a yellow hat that said "How Can I Help You" taking shit from yuppie assholes at trade shows, Javitz Center
Record reviewer, VH1.com
Columnist, "Waterfront Week"
Waiter, Dallas BBQ
Temp, Citibank
"America Reads" teacher's assistant in PS 286, Brooklyn
Special needs camp counselor, 92nd St. Y
Assistant to retired producer
Adjunct, Rutgers
Adjunct, Queens College
Tutor, The New School
Assistant Instructor, Rutgers
Freelance writer, various
Playwright (FINALLY!)

Jason Grote said...

Forgot gas station attendant, Exxon (asshole never paid me)

Adam said...

Wow, Jason. That's a lot. There were a bunch less formal jobs I fogot to mention and of course I didn't mention playwriting. I've also done some roofing and lots of yard work, lots of loading wood onto a truck, brush clearing, etc. I didn't mention the playwriting because it's what I do that I want to do--not what I have to do to make money. Although it is work. I'm not saying it's not work.

Who else has had what jobs? I want to know.

Adam said...

oh and I forgot temping at Merrill Lynch--used to work a 6:30 Am to 9:30 AM shift.

also worked at the temp agency for a short period of time.

Oh and I was paid to write a theatre review once.