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Mar 17, 2006

One more because it's friday--not the next scene but a scene nonetheless

(At a bar. JAKE wears a different tie. ELISE wears a skirt under her raincoat. She still has her big rubber boots.)

JAKE I had to shoot him. I didn’t want to. I still have nightmares about it. But I had to do it. If I had to do it again, I’d do the same thing. I take the law very seriously.

ELISE Is that right?

JAKE I’m sure you take your job very seriously too. Being the youngest ever fire chief and all.

ELISE You read up on me.

JAKE I am a detective.

ELISE I found out a little about you too.

JAKE What’s that?

ELISE You live alone. No pets even. You drink too much. You swear too much. You call your mother on Sundays. You never call your father. Your socks often don’t match. You never learned to swim. You’ve never been married but you had an exgirlfriend you loved more than anything. She died when a tourboat caught fire in the Carribean. You were supposed to be on that boat but you couldn’t get the time off. Some nights you wished you had died with her—suffocated and then burned to death. Other times you imagine you could have saved her even though you never learned to swim. You couldn’t cope for a while after her death. They gave you time off after you crashed up a coupe or two. Then you spent a little time in a white room with cushy walls. When you returned they gave you fire duty. You have an almost religious need to catch the arsonist. And while I believe you have interest in me, I can’t help but think you want to be close to me in case it helps your case in the long run. That and I’m the best looking firefighter in New York. Although they didn’t print that.

JAKE Well . . . I guess you did your homework. Anything else?

ELISE Yeah. You’re an excellent detective. You almost always get your man.

JAKE What about women?

ELISE We’ll have to see. The night is still young.


P'tit Boo said...

I want to play her !

Adam said...

Thanks, Boo!

It could be played in a French accent. I haven't written it yet but feel free to find someone to produce it so you can star in it.