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Mar 14, 2006

Reading Last Night

went really well. Everyone's assistant was there. What's that, you're someone's assistant and you weren't there. Well I hope you come next time.

And I'm not deriding in any way. I too am someone's assistant.


But what I was trying to say was that the reading went well, but not so well that I wasn't just a bit depressed afterwards--I couldn't help but feeling I could have written it better. I could have tightened it tighter, I could have hung it looser or cut that stage direction or that scene. And while I'm on the subject of writing, why am I not writing right now? Writing something far better. Oh, I have to figure it out? FIGURE IT OUT, already! Jeez.

But what I was saying is that the actors were great and the reading was mentioned twice in playbill so there was an audience there. I was working with a smart capable director and the ARS Nova facilities and staff are a cut above a cut above. Have you been to this place? I'm used to having readings in the hallway of my friend's uncle. Everyone has to get up when someone wants to enter or exit their apartment. This was more like a posh hotel for plays. It's what I imagine England is like. (I'm sure I'll be dissapointed.) But the offices and the stage and everything was beautiful.

And they gave us Tshirts afterwards.


P'tit Boo said...

Heh, T shirts.
I am glad it went well !
I would have been there if I could have been there.

Adam said...

thanks, Boo.

Dan said...

It was a lovely space and a lovely reading.

And I am no one's assistant but MY OWN!

Adam said...

thanks Dan, but that's not what I tell people.