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Mar 30, 2006


Hi all, 10 min plays being read this weekend.

A1 First Annual April Fool's Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival

Saturday April 1, 2:00p-3:45p Room 305 FREE

featuring short plays by Juilliard playwrights Zina Camblin, Kara Corthron, Bathsheba Doran, Jessica Provenz, Tommy Smith, Ben Snyder, Adam Szymkowicz & Brian Tucker

read by a smorgasbord of Juilliard actors including Noel Allain, Stephen Bel Davies, Amari Cheatom, Gina Crandell, Maxwell de Paula, Ravenna Fahey, Stephen King, Jessica Love, Erica Newhouse, Jared Nathan, Anna O'Donoghue, Johnny Ramey, Ben Rappaport, Joy Suprano, Jasmine Tavarez & Rob Thompson

stage directions provided by Anthony Wofford

bring a friend. love, A1

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