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Mar 28, 2006

scene for the blog--incendiary

(Back at the bar, Jake and Elise are getting drunk. Tom, Stu and jane are doing shots.)

STU I was never what you would call lucky in love.

JANE I’ve been divorced more times than the circus has come to this town.

TOM I had sex with a clown once.

(They all do shots in unison.)

JAKE I like when you look at me like that.

ELISE Like what?

JAKE Your eyes. There’s fire in them

ELISE I know. It’s part of the job.

JAKE It’s beautiful

ELISE Thank you. You’re not so hard to look at yourself. It’s disarming.

JAKE It’s supposed to be.

ELISE I’ll be right back

(Exit ELISE) TOM I like big butts. You know, really big butts? Like your wife’s butt, Stu.

STU When no one’s home I like to smoke cloves and masturbate to internet photos of exotic-looking women.

JANE I like to date men who I know if it ever came down to it, in a bare-knuckled fight I could kick his ass.

(They down shots)

(ELISE returns. She hands JAKE her underwear.)

JAKE What’s this?

ELISE It’s my underwear.

JAKE What do I do with it?

ELISE It’s supposed to be sexy. You’re supposed to like it.

JAKE Oh, I do.

ELISE Never mind.

JAKE It’s sexy.

ELISE Just give it back to me.

JAKE No, I get it. It’s sexy. I’ll hold onto them if that’s OK.


JAKE But I could give them back later, if you want them back, after the moment has passed.

ELISE That’s thoughtful.

JAKE Thanks.

ELISE Maybe you should kiss me now.

(They kiss.)

JANE Whoa.

STU Hey!


JANE I’ve never been kissed like that.

(They do shots.)

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