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Mar 23, 2006

thurs scene (as always a first draft)

(LIZ sitting at a table in a café. There is something fishy about her. Enter GARY. He stands by her table.)

LIZ Are you the waiter?

GARY No. I am a friend of yours.

LIZ I am only friends with people from Villanova or Austria.

GARY I am from both places. I was in the orchestra.

LIZ Please sit.

GARY (sitting) Can I speak frankly?

LIZ No. It’s not secure.

GARY Let me just say that some things have been accomplished.

LIZ Which things?

GARY The things.

LIZ All the things?

(Enter WAITER.)

WAITER Hi. My name is Paul. I will be your server today. What can I get you?

LIZ Paul, we need a few minutes.

WAITER Can I get you drinks while you decide?

LIZ No, Paul. Please come back later.

WAITER Sure. The special of the day is a pan seared salmon--

LIZ Please go away. Seriously. I’m serious. Really.


GARY Thanks, Paul.

WAITER Yeah, yeah . . .

(Exit WAITER.)

LIZ You were saying.

GARY I was saying. I need another week. But here’s part one.

(GARY slides something across the table. LIZ takes it.)

LIZ I don’t even think there’s time to order another drop.

GARY I’ll get it to you.

LIZ If you can’t deliver on time . . .

GARY I just need another week.

LIZ You already had another week.

GARY One more.

LIZ I’ll try to set something up. This can’t keep happening though.

GARY I understand.

LIZ You played the trombone in the marching band.

GARY Yes, and you twirled the flaming baton.

LIZ Good to see you old friend.

GARY Likewise.

(GARY gets up.)

(CARRIE enters, sees her husband GARY dining with another woman)


GARY Carrie!

WAITER Are you ready to order now?

GARY It’s not what it seems like.

CARRIE It sure seems that way.

WAITER Should I get one more place setting?

CARRIE No, thank you.

GARY Don’t make a scene. I can explain everything. But first we must leave.

CARRIE I’m leaving. Don’t bother coming home tonight.

GARY But . . . Carrie!

LIZ This is so non-professional.

WAITER Can I get you drinks?

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