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Apr 25, 2006

from an email my union sent me

Here are some of the reasons UAW members have expressed in opposition to the war....

* The war has killed 2300 US troops -- children, friends and relatives -- and maimed 20,000 more. * The war has killed 100,000 of the Iraqi people. * We're spending billions on war costs instead on job creation, health care and education. * The war is a smokescreen for an assault on working people: tax breaks for the rich, and cutbacks in health care, pensions and jobs for the rest of us. * Millions of our tax dollars have been spent on Bush's corporate cronies. * Iraqi people have been left unemployed, without schools or hospitals, with women's rights and unions under attack. * National Guard and Reserve members have been taken from their jobs and families for indefinite service. * Our civil liberties and labor rights are threatened and the US constitution undermined.

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