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May 8, 2006


So Let me tell you about Matthew Freeman http://matthewfreeman.blogspot.com/.

As he blogs, we recently met for the first time. It is true he is tall and young looking. (between 15 and 20 I would say) It is also true I enjoyed talking to him a great deal. His girlfriend (who will remain anonymous to protect her from ravaging online hobos and the such) I found sweet and smart and funny. And she has great taste in literature. As for her choice in men, well let me speak more on this.

What Matthew may or may not have told you is that his father was an Episcopal minister. This for me explains a lot. He has the angelic face one would expect of a minister and to go with that or against that, he has the desire to cause small rifts of strife, or clouds of chaos . . . or something of something.

Those of you who read his blog and comments already know this. I find this kind of charming actually. I hope our paths cross again soon.


P'tit Boo said...

He is a middle child and acts like one !
Yeah, he is something ....
I'd like to see the two of you in a conversation. Just the thought is thrilling.

Adam said...

I am also a middle child

Freeman said...

I never should have told that table I was a middle child. It's been their new mantra. I'd like to add that "Boo" acts "French."

That being said, I thank you for the thought, Adam. And the good thoughts about my girlfriend. Should I have allowed your girlfriend to remain anonymous? Is that a hint?

I'm sure I'll see you soon. I still need to show you the book.

Adam said...

It was not a hint.

I forgot about the book although in theory I could buy it.

Did boo tell you where she grew up until she was 16?