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Jun 2, 2006

Bush for Impeachment

What kind of law does a president have to break to be impeached? Purposefully lying to the public, bringing them to war and causing the death of thousands? Holding and abusing people in hidden prisons without ever accusing them of anything? Illegally tapping phones? Rigging two elections? Apparently all of the above and more are allowed and will not lead to impeachment. I want the last 8 years back. Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House. But despite the media blackout, indications continued to emerge that something deeply troubling had taken place in 2004. Nearly half of the 6 million American voters living abroad(3) never received their ballots -- or received them too late to vote(4) -- after the Pentagon unaccountably shut down a state-of-the-art Web site used to file overseas registrations.(5) A consulting firm called Sproul & Associates, which was hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in six battleground states,(6) was discovered shredding Democratic registrations.(7) In New Mexico, which was decided by 5,988 votes,(8) malfunctioning machines mysteriously failed to properly register a presidential vote on more than 20,000 ballots.(9) Nationwide, according to the federal commission charged with implementing election reforms, as many as 1 million ballots were spoiled by faulty voting equipment -- roughly one for every 100 cast.(10) The reports were especially disturbing in Ohio, the critical battleground state that clinched Bush's victory in the electoral college. Officials there purged tens of thousands of eligible voters from the rolls, neglected to process registration cards generated by Democratic voter drives, shortchanged Democratic precincts when they allocated voting machines and illegally derailed a recount that could have given Kerry the presidency. A precinct in an evangelical church in Miami County recorded an impossibly high turnout of ninety-eight percent, while a polling place in inner-city Cleveland recorded an equally impossible turnout of only seven percent. In Warren County, GOP election officials even invented a nonexistent terrorist threat to bar the media from monitoring the official vote count.(11)


Anonymous said...

Apparently only a sexual indiscretion can merit censure in this age of warped "values," values being the very concept of which the Right claims ownership.

We're so contemptuous of Middle Easterm fanaticism, and yet the blind zealoutry we exhibit as a nation is right out of the Dark Ages.

We live in the largest and most powerful Third World nation on the planet.

In Awake and Sing, the grandfather is basically humiliated to death by his family. The arc of this is set when he espouses Communist philosophy at the dinner table, receiving only hostility and derision. A family in the throes of The Depression, threatened by even the very idea of another way of life, when the way of life to which they cling is so clearly unsustainable. Have we made progress since 1935?

RB Ripley said...

oh adam. silly boy. impeachment is only for democrats.

Adam said...

Ripley, I'm stealing that line.

Anonymous, as always you are right. Although I wonder about your obesession with Awake and sing