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Jun 25, 2006

Can anyone recommend a good romantic comedy? I'm going to write a film and I'm looking to watch comedys and dramas that end well, but good ones with developed characters. Love stories. Anyone got a favorite?


Enrique Urueta said...

I'm fond of Chasing Amy.

P'tit Boo said...

Punch Drunk Love.

Adam Sandler is actually quite good in it.
It's smart and Seymour Hoffman is brilliant as always.

Ian W. Hill said...

I ditto both of the above, and not much else in the genre. I pretty much think the romantic comedy form died as a result of the Hays Office -- since the early 30s, most romantic comedies feature supposed adults behaving, annoyingly, like stupid teenagers.

A classic pre-code romantic comedy is Lubitsch's Trouble in Paradise -- currently playing in a stage version in NYC. Sexy, adult, charming, smart. After that, jumping about 55 years, Bull Durham, which is a favorite "comfort film" for me.

Freeman said...

Must agree on Bull Durham. That's a great one.

I'd have to go with Sabrina. The original one.

Anonymous said...

Best Romantic comedies of all time:
-Faster Pussycat Kill Kill Kill
-Bride of Frankenstein
-Vanya on 42nd St.
-Midnight Cowboy
-Bonnie and Clyde
-3 Stooges meet Dracula


Lucas Krech said...

Any Fred Astaire/Ginger Rodgers movie.

tdawg said...

The original.

L Buller said...

Wonder Boys is a favorite - it is a kind fo love story...

Anonymous said...

My Man Godfrey

The Apartment

Addicted to Love

The Graduate

The White Sheik

Annie Hall

The Shop Around The Corner

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It Happened One Night

Meet John Doe

Pat and Mike

Defending Your Life

Minnie & Moskowitz

Prizzi's Honor

Autumn (Eric Rohmer)

Lovers on the Bridge (not a comedy, but romantic to a demented degree)

Sense and Sensibility

Groundhog Day

Yi Tu Mama Tambien

Adam said...

Thanks everyone. very helpful. Let me know if you think of any more.

3 Stooges meet Dracula? Really? I'm not so sure that would be helpful in the genre I'm trying to write in next. is there another film with maybe just one of the stooges spending a long night in prague with a mysterious yet fascinating woman?

Freeman said...

I friggin' LOVE Wonder Boys!

frank's wild lunch said...

High Fidelity
The American President
The original Roman Holiday
Broadcast News (I love that movie more than fake moustaches)

brian bauman said...

My favorite is Hal Hartley's "TRUST".

dup said...

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Jamespeak said...
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Jamespeak said...

It doesn’t look like I have any on my list that people haven’t mentioned above, but ah, what the heck? These are my faves:

Punch Drunk Love
Annie Hall
When Harry Met Sally
High Fidelity
The Wedding Singer
Before Sunrise & Before Sunset
What Happened Was (this is kinda pushing it, actually. More of a “Painful First Date Movie” than a “Romantic Comedy”)
Tim & Dawn’s arc in The Office (a subplot in a TV series, I know, but still…)

A big softie,

Grumbles McCynicism

Ian W. Hill said...

Oh, there were plenty it turned out I forgot that others have mentioned -- but no one's mentioned another I forgot, Steve Martin's L.A. Story. Okay, a little cheesy at times, but when it works, boy does it work.

Lucas Krech said...

I'll put in a second for LA Story and Wonderboys. Both brilliant.

Adam said...

thanks everybody. I'll definitely check out the ones I haven't seen. And I have to say I love Wonder Boys. I've seen it more htan any other film.

Pam said...

hey, Adam. I'm a little late on this one, I know. But here are the ones that sprang to my mind: LOST IN TRANSLATION (I realize this is debatable as they never actually get their groove on. but I actually love the subtlety and the things left unsaid and undone). AMELIE (though it mostly focuses on the heroine, I think it's utterly lovely). SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE (I know it's weird I like geriatric romance. But I thought this film was intelligent, funny, thoughtful, and really uplifting.) KEEPING THE FAITH (an underrated, sweet film about religion, love, and loyalty).

davebobb said...

"I Know Where I'm Going"
tremendously good romantic comedy & film