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Jun 14, 2006


Chekhov-Inspired Play Food for Fish Opens Off-Bway,7/8 On the heels of Nerve, Sanctuary: Playwrights Theatre will premiere the second play by Adam Szymkowicz when Food for Fish debuts. Under the direction of Alexis Poledouris, the play will begin previews on July 6th at the Kraine Theater and open on July 8th.

Food for Fish is loosely inspired by Chekhov's Three Sisters. In the play, "young Bobbie drops pages from his novel into the Hudson River. The pages tell a story of three sisters: a stalker, an agoraphobe and a scientist with a secret plan to isolate and eliminate the gene for love. It is set in a world where men became women and women became men. But how far do you have to bend a gender before it breaks?"

...A current Juilliard Lila Acheson Wallace Fellow, his romantic comedy Nerve recently premiered at the 14th Street Y (where it plays through July 1) and his play Pretty Theft premieres July 22 at the first Annual Capitol City Fringe in Washington DC.


Lucas said...

Are there going to be birds? The last thing I saw that Alexis was involved in there were birds and crazy people. Lots of crazy people. Makes one fewar for their life, it really does.

RB Ripley said...

Again, congrats! 2006 is good for you.

Adam said...

Hi Lucas. Good to meet you at Souths the other night. You are referring to 'Alexis Poledouris and Birds" i believe which I did not see and regretted not seeing. However, the writer of that play will be designing our sound for this piece. and although there are not birds there is a dead father who has been rotting in a coffin in the living room for a year. "it has been a year since father died" etc.

Thanks Ripley, I hope to get to meet you at Souths or somewhere else soon. I have indeed never had a year like this. I hope it continues and I am terrified it will. the stress is rising.

Mark said...

You guys are going into the Kraine right after us? Cool. We should coordinate and see if we can help one another out in anyway, like you bringing stuff in early or helping each other out with any renting, etc. I know Phil Hopkins, who is super cool.

One question: isn't it odd to describe this as your "second play"? I know I've read a handful...

Lucas Krech said...

Yes, Alexis Poledouris and Birds. It was quite a fun piece. This certainly sounds like an interesting project, I will have to check it out. Nice meeting you the other night as well.

Adam said...

Hi Mark,

Yeah maybe they meant second this season. Yeah it's something like #14 as far as the long plays go.

Let's talk about Kraine too. sounds good.

And again Lucas, hope to see you again soon.

Enrique Urueta said...

You're having a rockin year--congrats! Wish I could see them all.



Mandi M. said...

We just read your beautiful play at Theatre of Note (myself and Michelle Hilyard championing) and I hope someday (soon-ish?) it will play on our stage out here in Los Angeles. I simply love this play. Congrats!!

Mandi Moss

Adam said...

Thanks Mandi,

That's great to hear. Would love to have a show at Note one of these days!