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Jun 1, 2006

I had a great time at the clubbed thumb event last night and met lots of great people and talked to lots of great people I already knew and yet somehow didn't get to meet MattJ. Another time I hope.

But I thought my show went really well and was impressed with those shows I was able to see, many which I was unable to find on the program before rushing off to the next show so I have no idea what I even saw and didn't see for the most part. But damn was it cool.

I love clubbed thumb. And all of you.


MattJ said...

ha. yeah. I didn't get to meet Jason G. either even though we were all within the same couple of blocks, somewhere. So difficult to meet a fellow blogger in a crowd when we have no idea what the other looks like. I also couldn't stay for the party which doesn't help. But I did see your play, which I loved, and was very sensitively acted I thought. If you're going to Erin Courtney's play in a couple weeks let me know what night and I'll try to be there (I am ADing it).

Adam said...

hey matt,

I'll try to make the erin courtney but it's hard to say because I'm in rehearsal for two plays and shouldn't be trying to see anything.

we'll meet up though one of these days for sure.

glad you liked my play. thanks for the compliment.