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Jul 27, 2006

another scene--first draft as always

(Sound of crickets. CELISE digs while SABRINA and ADELE relax and drink beer. They are more casual, sans hardhats. There is a body, DAVID, lying nearby.) C I don’t know why I always have to do the hard work, just because I’m the strongest. Yes, I have amazing genes which give me huge bulging muscles. I have terrific endurance. I’m seemingly tireless. I’m like a machine carved out of steel and iron and set to maximum efficiency at all times but why does that mean that I have to do all the heavy work? A Keep digging. C Isn’t that deep enough? A No, no. Keep going. C That’s plenty big. It’ll fit. S No. She’s right. It’s got to be deeper. C I hate you both. S Why me? C I dunno. Cause you’re there? S Yeah I hate myself too. (takes a drink) (Pause) C So Adele, you going to tell us or what? A Do you really want to hear? C It’ll pass the time. S I mean you have to tell the story. A Alright, alright. First let me say I’m sorry or whatever. I shouldn’t have done it. Right. And now that that’s out of the way… I was provoked. I was provoked over and over and I just had enough. Last night he comes over and he goes right to the refrigerator without a hello and drinks my orange juice right from the carton. I yell at him to get a glass and so he pours it in a glass, drains the glass and then he leaves it in the sink. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked him not to leave the glass in the sink. S So what did you do? A I picked up the glass, smashed it on the table and used the biggest shard to slit his throat. He didn’t even see it coming. C That’s messy. A I know. Took me forever to clean up all the glass and blood. S Did he scream? A He gurgled. S Well, that’s something. C Is it deep enough now? A Let’s give it a shot. (ADELE and SABRINA pick up the body and put it in the hole.) A That should be ok. C I guess you want me to fill it in now. A Could you? C I hate you both. (CELISE begins filling in the hole)

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