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Jul 24, 2006

First draft of something new

I'm not sure what this is yet but it might be the start of a new play.

(Three women in hard hats, A, C and S sit on a steel girder eating lunch from their lunch boxes. Faint sound of jackhammer.)

C What you got?

A Ham.

C You?

S Tuna.

A What about you?

C Yogurt.

S Yogurt again.

C I like yogurt. I used to like yogurt.

S (shouting down below) Hey! You! Let me see you shake that ass!

C And carrots.

S You’re making me all wet! I can barely control myself! Flex it! Flex it! Hey meatboy, where you going?

A He can’t hear you.

S Fuck.

C I hate my lunch.


A I have something to tell you.

S Not again.

C Seriously?

A Yeah, I’m afraid so.

S Fuck.

A Will you help me?

S What the fuck?

A I know.

C Seriously.

A I know. I know. I’m sorry.

C Are you?

A Yes. Will you help me?

S What, tonight?

A Could you?

S I guess.

A What about you?

C OK. But I’m not doing any of the heavy lifting or the digging.

S What are you going to do then?

C I could sing.

A I don’t think we should sing. Then people will know we’re out there digging and that wouldn’t be good.

C I could hum.

S She’ll dig. We both will.

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