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Jul 22, 2006


the subways in DC are really nice and clean and modern. this is not true of the whole city but the subways are really nice. And the seats are padded and the floors are carpeted. and when you wait on the platform there is a sign that lets you know when the next train is coming and which train it is. But there was something else different and it took mea little bit to figure out what it was. There were no pan handlers asking me for money on the train. And I'm not sure why this is exactly. Anyone know? But let me talk about why I'm in DC. I've been rehearsing my play Pretty Theft which is being done in the Capital City Fringe starting today. It's really great to see this play on its feet and the direction and acting is really good. It's a delight to watch and I hope it keeps getting better and that they can figure out a way to do a longer run of the show. One thing I have learned this summer watching Nerve and watching Food For Fish is that it's fun to watch a play develop over a month-long run. Unfortunately, Pretty Theft has only four performances over two weeks and i'm just sad that these wonderful actors will not get to live with the play for as long. Provided they want to do that. I know that when I was an actor i was pretty much sick of a play after the first performance but perhaps that is part of why I'm not an actor anymore. But the cast is great and enthusiastic and lovely and Chris, the director is amazing with them and gave me a futon to sleep on and gave me a tour of DC and the fine subway system. So it's been a great trip. i reccomend having a play in the Capital City Fringe in case you were wondering whether or not to do that.


Jason Grote said...

The surveillance system on the DC Metro is a lot closer to MINORITY REPORT than most people realize - try taking a sip of a soda sometime - more likely than not,a disembodied voice will say "no eating on the train." Also, the DC subway is a de facto commuter train from the suburbs in Maryland and Virginia, so the riders tend to be more middle- and upper-class.

When I used to go to DC to protest a lot, we'd always sleep and meet in the poorer, usually black and Salvadoran, neighborhoods, and not surprisingly, they would be quite a hike from the Metro.

Mark said...

I used to think that cities that had padded seats on the train (London, DC) were pretty great. Then someone told me the reason why padded seats are bad--because they collect bugs, grime and all sorts of unspeakable ick. Now I'm plenty happy to ride on plastic seats.

Adam said...

I want theatrical padded seats on the subway. and a usher to bring me to my seat. so I always feel at home.