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Jul 12, 2006

thanks to Jason Grote for this


"It is strikingly evident in Six Years—and in the entire crop of this year's Humana plays—that American writers aren't just dusting off old ideas and giving them fresh varnish. Instead, they are taking real risks and reinvigorating our repertory of contemporary drama with muscular ideas and imaginative fervor. The bitter irony is that these bringers of new works are treated as if they were glassy-eyed dreamers and beggars in a house of plenty."


Jason Grote said...

Hey wow, I was going to put this on my blog but haven't yet. Are you in the future? Or maybe you've got me confused with Ravi Narasimhan on the Big Cheap list.

Congrats on your 2nd NYT rave to date!

Adam said...

I am in the future and it looks great. no, I got your bigcheap email.

and thanks for the congrats! hope you're enjoying CT. Been to the mall yet?