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Aug 3, 2006

So yes, I've been busy, it's true, but the writing has gone out the window. It is true I've written a scene or two but I have no idea why I'm writing them or what they're about and I've already discarded one play (for now at least) and I have this problem where if I'm not writing I get edgy. I'm edgy. K and I are going camping for a week in the Adirondacks this next week so you may not hear from me for a while. Partially I'm annoyed because I used to be overflowing with stuff and I would have so much I would just throw stuff up here that was related to nothing, just doodles of words that I enjoyed and now I don't have those available. Not that I know you all were enjoying them, but not only do I have a responsibility to myself to write but I feel a responsibility to you too, misguided though that probably is.

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