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Sep 14, 2006

From new Chris Durang Post


" . . . they excerpted an ad from incumbent Nancy Johnson, running for her Congressional seat in Connecticut.

The ad they showed was this: against the background of ominous music and a sickly green computer screen with pictures of suspicious men on it, the voiceover says gravely: "A terrorist plot may be unfolding. Should the government intercept that call or wait until the paper work is filed?"

That is a LIE. The FISA law NEVER makes you wait to intercept the call. If the government has suspicions, it is allowed to tape that call INSTANTANEOUSLY, you do not have to file any paper work BEFORE doing so. If you have suspicions you just tape away, the FISA court gives the government the benefit of the doubt, and the government has THREE DAYS to file for the warrant. (This law only covers calls involving taping an American citizen's phone call.)

The government can certainly manage to file by the end of three days, can they not? Do we pay their salaries to do things, or not? The FISA court is notably accepting of the government's point of view and in the past has turned down very, very few requests for a warrant."


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Anonymous said...

Callaghan's singing, you have a piece up, and Hunka will be present??? Why, I can feel the Brick's magnetism pulling me out of my chair now....

Adam said...

both callaghan and Hunka have pieces up too.