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Sep 8, 2006


Last night at rehearsal while the director was giving notes, I suddenly figured out which play I should write next. It's a romantic comedy set partially in Paris. I thought it was a screenplay but I think it needs to be a play or at least I need to think of it as a play if I want the scenes to start coming to me in any real way. I think part of my brain shuts down when confronted with having to write a screenplay. When i think of it as a play, suddenly all these possibilities are open and I am excited about writing it instead of daunted.

In any case, I now know (or think I know) the thing to work on when the thing I'm working on is done and I even sort of know when I can start writing it because i sort of have to rewrite a bunch of things and finish the first draft of what I'm writing first and then there is the workshop in Feb. So really it has to be after that and then I'll have the winter to bang out a draft. We'll see if it actually happens this way but at the moment I have such a sense of optimism.

I'm also optimistic about my play this weekend. They took a huge leap forward last night and I think it will really work out. We'll see how the audience responds. We'll see how the dress rehearsal goes tonight.

But first, work and then leave early to see 4 or so hours of actor monologues. I saw 4 hours or so yesterday. It's hard to remember 70 actors by name and I was somewhat comforted that the 4th years we asked didn't know all their names either. So, yeah, first we'll see that in an atmospehre like a pep rally. clapping, pounding their feet shouting out their area codes and class numbers. They are talented all of them and some of them area amazing, but jesus, 4 more hours.

At least after this play is over I can rest. Been rehearsing or in production nonstop since May. I'm tired and getting very little writing or rewriting done. Which is what I have to do next. Which is not at all resting.

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Brikin Blog said...

So now you need to take KP to Paris. Take her!