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Oct 20, 2006

From Chris Durang's newest post:

"When I was growing up in the 50s, "live and let live" was often said about people who were different, and even about people whom one disagreed with. It seemed an American value. I don't feel I've heard that phrase in a very long time. I hope it returns to the voices and thoughts of my fellow citizens"


Robert said...

yeah. but wasn't the 50's an idealized period of time in a LOT of ways. i mean, is that how, say, blacks were treated? not that it isn't a great thing to strive for and mass employment of such an ideal would certainly help things today, but i think that c.d.'s rose colored glasses are just a tad too thick on this one.

Timothy Braun said...

I actually hear something close to his alllllllllllll the time. Maybe not those words, but the same idea. It's still alive, just not on the television box. Or radio. Or paper. But I hear it.

Timothy Braun said...

I just ried to email, but it all got bounced back.

What is up? I was messin' around on the wbe last night and went to your website and blog becasue I haven't done that in about a year. How are things? I just remade my website and will be launching timothybraun2.0 in Nov. Oh, I'm still roaming he country too.

How are things in the Big Apple?


Jason Grote said...

I see this all the time as well, often in the papers of my students but also in the media and among friends and thinkers I admire. The other side of nostalgia is utopianism, which is rarer these days. I discourage both among my students, but I really don't blame anyone for this way of thinking - when faced with the overwhelming, untenable problems, we look to the past or the future. The former was not really that much easier than the present, no matter when we're tlaking about, and the latter isn't likely to be either. Doesn't mean we shouldn't stop trying, though.