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Nov 6, 2006

from ny times


"On the same day Mr. Kerry blundered, the United
States suffered a palpable and major defeat in Iraq.
The Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, once again
doing the bidding of the anti-American leader Moktada
al-Sadr, somehow coerced American forces into
dismantling their cordon of Sadr City, where they were
searching for a kidnapped soldier. As the melodramatic
debates over how much Mr. Kerry should apologize
dragged on longer, still more real news got short
shrift: the October death toll for Americans in Iraq
was the highest in nearly two years. Some 90 percent
of the dead were enlisted men and nearly a third were
on extended tours of duty or their second or third
tours. Their average age was 24. "

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