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Dec 12, 2006



nick said...

Dear Adam,

Did you know that "dear abby" and "dear ann landers" were twin sisters?

One could always “trust in their opinions.” Of course there was no real difference between their opinions. Their syndicated columns were the twin towers broadcast for status quo advice on how to behave in both public and personal relationships in America for many years.

However, Dear Ann is dead and Dear Abby suffers from Alzheimer's disease so I’d feel weird writing either of them now for the advice I need on who to gift this during this "giving season." But I'd feel much weirder polling theater bloggers for same advice.

So I write now to “Dear Adam” not so much seeking advice as much as screaming Merry Fucking Christmas to all you privileged American whining art fucks out there soliciting donations for your cute little art things.

I can also play the Starving Artist if need be, so thanks for the Darfur remind

Adam said...

Um, what? I'm not asking for money for art, nor is the Darfur lobby asking for money. But now that you mention it, if you got any give it here. I'm not really privileged, well maybe I am but I'm also 90 thousand dollars in debt. So if you got any pocket change, walk on over to my apt and drop it in my mail slot. Thanks, Nick and Merry Christmas.

nick said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding!?

I guess I really shouldn't be using your comment section for saying something that should be my own blog post. I was being lazy. I don't really want to talk about "giving to the arts" right now but I thought I could throw in one wisecrack here about it and no one would notice too much.

I was actually thanking you for reminding that all the world is not decorating xmas trees at this time of year. My reference to theatre bloggers was not to you, but to the bloggers out there now compiling the various Santa Lists of theaters worthy of donations during this giving season.

Also I'm sorry about your debt. But as we've all been schooled, debt is the American way. And no dobt you'll do better in the long run than the Darfurians and such.

No preaching from me either. I'm really arguing with myself on this. Because I also am a privileged art fuck capable of making an arty little xmas tree ornament and other objects quite worthy of grants and donations.