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Dec 18, 2006

monday random ten

Killing Parrots--The Why Nots
Orphan Sister--Mercury in Gatorade
Bumble Bee Heaven (Taste's Like)--Bouillon Cubes
I Shot The Sherriff--Jodi and the Justice League
Lim BumDee Lim BaDoo--Led Jones
Seven Brides--Sad Fingers
The Long Dark Hallway--People With Faces
The Truth (I'm Hiding It)--G Men
Don't Tell Me What You Don't Want Me To Know--Flow
Reasonable--Floyd Britchcraft


Jason Grote said...

Did you make these up?

In grad school, my friend John Patterson and I would record things people said that would make good band names. I forget most of them but a couple stick out:

Locker Room Joy
Uncle Barry and the Shiksas

Adam said...

I made them all up except the Floyd Britchcraft song which is from his album "Floyd on Floyd." I'm writing a novel right now that has bands in it so I'm stuck in a track of making up band names. If any more come to you, please let me know.