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Jan 8, 2007

K and I joined the Y on Atlantic. We are very excited
and going to go there tonight and work out for the
first time. They have a pool and a basketball court
and it is only 40 bucks each a month because of her

I just have to actually go there. I think I can do
it. It seems like a place I will enjoy going to.
right? I just have to not be so freaking lazy all the


Lindsey said...

I love that Y - in fact, I myself am a member...I hope you have many happy workouts there...Hope to see you there. But if I see you in the girls locker room - I am gonna freak out.

nick said...

Cool, man, I'll see you there sometime. I'm there every day. Gaby, Russ, and Katie do the yoga classes. I skip those, but I usually walk over to the gym with them at that time. I'm in the pool or on the machines. Long sauna after. The weird warm days this winter has elicited all these conversations on global warming. The irony, of course, talking the politics of global warming, in a sauna.

Adam said...

I didn't see the sauna. there's a sauna? see you both there, perhaps in this sauna.