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Jan 5, 2007

meme meme meme

5 things you may not know about me...hmm...

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no one else tag me for anything OK?

5 things you may not know about me...hmm...hmm hmmm
hmm hmm

1. I was an Eagle Scout.

2. I once had a job as a deckhand on the CT river. I
had to carry kegs of beer and big bags of trash, throw
the lines on the posts when we docked. I also
sometimes had to steer the boat. They made you buy
their shirt and wear it as a uniform. I was 17 and
was making 5 dollars an hour. The next summer I was a
tour guide at Gillette Castle State Park which is "on"
but not on the CT river.

3. I don't drink coffee or soda.

4. I have a terrible, some might say nonexistent
sense of direction.

5. I am allergic to chicken and turkey. (actually
many of you already know that so I'll do one more)

6. I'm writing a novel. Did I tell you I'm writing a
novel? I'm writing a novel. slowly. 7. I once had long blue hair. really.

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to talk about
yourself, everyone.

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