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Jan 22, 2007

visual dramaturgy for a new play


P'tit Boo said...

okay . i have a good question for you. ( i think it's good...)
when do you stop doing the visual dramaturgy and decided it's time to write ?
you just feel it ?
or an image triggers it ?
or what ?
tell me all about the relationship between your visual dramaturgy and your writing.

Adam said...

Hi Boo,
In this case I'm clarifying an idea I already have. In this case it may not be necessary for my process because I'm already far along. maybe it's for the people who will put on the show later.

sometimes I am trying to find what is out there in the consciousness--what I was doing with all those xmas pictures. But the xmas play didn't come together. i may have to start over on that one when I realize what i want to say.

In this case I'm outlining the play and thought it would be useful to throw up some real life images and see how theatrical they are.