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Mar 16, 2007


thanks to freeman for this


The problem of the equity showcase and the solution


Let's get on this!

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nick said...

All this seems right-on. Going to the LA code is a great idea. But who are the members of League of Independent Theater? I mean beyond the 3 writers on the blog. The pretense of a “league” would backfire I think.

This proposal will only have authority if Equity actors in the city are mobilized around it. This is something that’s very possible. Actors in the city would support this change, but the proposal coming out in this manner is wrongheaded. Regardless of whether this League of Independent Theater exists or not, it’s presumptuous and condescending for any group of producers (or playwrights, directors) to speak on how actors should regulate their union. Find some actors to join in a “League of Independent Artists.” Playwrights, directors, and actors—linked together--they are the real “producers” of Off-Off. I think if the League and the proposal came from a place like that it would have a chance to gain membership/momentum.