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Mar 13, 2007

I need to buy a suit. Can you recommend a place?


JJW said...

whats your price range?
fancy or plain?

you can't just want a "suit" in new york city. that's like saying i just want plain chili in texas.

Malachy Walsh said...

New York is a great place to get expensive things "cheap".

It's the daily crap that costs an arm and a leg.

I recommend Centry 21 down by the WTC site.

I bought a $1200 Calvin Klein suit that fit perfectly off the rack (unusual for me) for $400.

That, my friend, is a deal. I wore to my graduation at Columbia and to my wedding.

Adam said...

I dopn't know what price ranges for suits are. I'd like to spend like 200 unless that is way too little for a nice suit. I haven't had a suit in years.

JJW said...

Century 21 is a great idea. And suits are the only thing that you can try on there, and they have a team of men armed with measuring tape.

If you want something different, try Rue Saint Denis on Avenue B. It's a vintage clothing store, but my friend Bobby got an amazing sharkskin suit for under 200 bucks.

Then, there's Tokyo 7 and Tokyo Joe's the designer resale stores. Always worth a look. There's a store that sells old marc jacobs on 7th (on the next eastern block and across the street from tokyo 7). And there's Isa, on Bleeker and Elizabeth, another designer resale store.

And there's always Filenes, Banana Republic, J. Crew carried suits for a short bit and stores of that ouvre.

Anonymous said...

If you buy me a beer you can borrow my Today's Man $200 suit. It's black.


Adam said...

Gary, I don't know that you and I are the same size, but maybe I should buy you a drink anyway.

Thanks, JJW.

tdawg said...

I recommend Macy's myself. I got my Calvin Klein suit there for $210 when it was normally $450. It's got an awesome selection. Normally, $200 will get you a decent cheap suit, but you're going to have to buy another one in a few years. Might as well spend the money once, and keep on looking good. But you know, that's just my sartorial opinion. I am the best dressed friend you have, so you know, words to consider

Jonathan Spector said...

Back when I was living on the wrong side of the law, I used to be a dealer for a private high stakes poker game. The big "fish" in the game was Joseph Abboud, who has a high-end men's fashion line. At the time he'd just sold his company for 500 million dollars, so he could afford to lose 10 grand a night.

At the time I was looking for a suit to go to a friend's wedding. I was kind of hoping I could get him to give me for free, and would casually drop that I was in the market for an inexpensive suit. Sadly, he just kept suggesting I go to Men's Warehouse. He said that because of the volume of business they do, they have the best deals on lower-end suits.

I guess he would know. I got a nice suit there for under $300.

Adam said...

tdawg, you are my best dressed friend. Now reply to my email, will you?

Jonathan, that's a great story. I love how he doesn't get your subtlety.

I went to a few places and ended up getting a nice suit with alterations at Macy's for about 250. Then I paid way too much on some shirts and ties.

I kind of want to be the kind of person who wears a suit every day. a comfortable suit. I'd have like a closet of them, if i could afford it.

Col said...

Hi Adam, it's Col (who posts on Isaac's blog all the time). I am the costume designer for ERS.

I would recommend, lest you wind up with a cheap-looking or flawed/irregularly sewn suit, to go to Jos. A. Bank in Midtown. It's fairly close to Grand Central, if I recall correctly. It is the kind of old-school men's store where they will do alterations etc. for you and it is quite reasonably priced for very good quality. Better, if you only have one suit, to get something conservative, well-fitting, and long-lasting than to buy off the rack at some huge store where you risk being unable to wear it 2 years later. Stockbrokers go there to get a deal.

There's also a store called Syms which is very good for reasonable deals on men's suits, shirts, etc.

Adam said...

thanks Col, I already got a suit this time, but i appreciate your very good advice and will definitely go there next time.