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Mar 27, 2007

in case you didn't know

Jon Bon Jovi is a great actor. He nailed his scenes
in my short play last night.

I mean we all know Steve Buscemi is a genius. That's
a given and Jena Malone and Jamie-Lynn Sigler were
both fantastic but the surprise for me was Bon Jovi
who it appears is much more than a rockstar.

Other highlights of the night included a hilarious
Steve Schirripa as auctioneer, Sam Rockwell and Aidan
Quinn wailing on each other and Juliana Margulies
putting them in their place and a heartfelt and
stirring speech by John Voight about the importance of
live theatre.

All in all it was a fantastic night and I hope Studio
Dante will be around for a long time and if last night
is any indication, it surely will be.



Malachy Walsh said...

Jon Bon Jovi did a few movies too and got some pretty good notices.

Just goes to show you, books, covers, what you think you know based on MTV.

Adam said...

so true Malachy Walsh, so true.

LB said...

I love Bon Jovi's movie: Moonlight and Valentino....he is tops in my book. Which is a bit unexpected.

Adam said...

cool. I'll netflix it.