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Mar 26, 2007

oh, spidey

As part of research for a play I'm going to write, I have begun reading comic books. I went to the comic book and graphic novel store on Court yesterday and spent way too much money. As a kid I sometimes read my father's old comic books--mostly Donald Duck and Archie and old school Disney stuff and when I did buy new ones, which was not often, I never really read the superhero ones. I only read the funny ones (or the ones that were trying to be funny anyhow). Reading the Marvel comics and others for the first time, I finally get it. the stuff is like candy. I finish one and want to start another. I didn't buy more than one of a series and so I get hooked on the art and the plot and then it's over and I move on to the next and get hooked on that story line. The colors and the action are amazing. I had no idea I was someone who liked comic books.


Freeman said...

Christ, I can help you with this. I can help you too much. I have things for you to read. Too many things.

Go Check Out Men of Steel at the Vampire Cowboys as well.

Jamespeak said...

Pete has these "phone book" collections of X-Men comics that he let me borrow. The damn things were like candy/potato chips/crack. I'd say to myself I'd just read one or two issues, then I'd read 240, 250 pages (the equivalent of about 12 issues) in one sitting.

And Freeman's right: you really should check out Men of Steel.

Anonymous said...

Read Men of Tomorrow by Gerard Jones. It's about the birth of the comic book industry.


Adam said...

Thanks, guys. Hope to see you all soon.