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Mar 1, 2007

thanks to whoever I got this from.

article about getting beyond play development.



malachy walsh said...

I just noticed the new picture of you on the right.

You look much happier.


Jaime said...

1. Malachy - I think it's possible to look happy while straddling a coffin. It's just a different kind of happy.

2. I, at least, found the article from Mark at Mr. Excitement, who'd gotten it from the Playgoer.

Adam said...

He told me to ride it like a motorcycle.

malachy walsh said...

Jaime, I didn't say he didn't look happy riding the coffin. I just said, he looked happier in this new one.

I also just think he looks happier in general.

Which, to repeat myself, is nice.

Adam said...

Waht you don't know is that in the new picture, I'm straddling an urn.

malachy walsh said...


Death should figure prominently in all our smiles.