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Apr 1, 2007

Book for Sunday

I'm halfway through this book by Chuck Palahniuk
called RANT which I highly recommend. It's really
fantastic. This is his seventh book, but I never read
any of the others, although I may start now. He wrote
Fight Club which I thought was a pretty cool film and
based on what I'm reading now, must have been a great

I picked up this book for free outside a book store
and I just realized by looking at Amazon that it is
not available until May. I count myself lucky in that
I get to read it now and didn't even have to have a no paying or low paying job in publishing or retail. Sometimes it
helps to be at the right place at the right time.


Isaac said...


In my experience, the first Palahniuk book you read is great, no matter which one it is. Then, when you hit the second you'll realize its shockingly similar. By the time you get to third, you'll be hit with the uncanny realization that all of his books are the same. It's happened to everyone I know. Including me. My first one was Survivor, then I started Fight Club and was like... WTF? and that's when someone warned me!

Unless he's branched out. I'm guessing there's a lot of one-sentence paragraphs and lists of non-fictional information.

tdawg said...

I whole heartedly second Isaac's opinion. Mine was Fight Club, then Choke, then Lullaby. That being said, if you like it, can I borrow it? That being said, you should also know I'm not wearing pants as I type this and my reciepts for 2006 are giving me a really guilty look.

Adam said...

I hear what you're saying. It has in many ways the feeling of a fight club but structurally it's, i'm sure, told in a different way. It's a eyewitness account from multiple sources, in some ways sort of like a play but also not. Anyway, i still recommend it but I hear your warning and yes, Travis you can borrow it.

I felt that way about Tom Robbins after a few of his books. At first he is genius and then eventually his voice becomes tiring although I found if i put him off for a few years i would find him exciting again.

Jamespeak said...

Isaac's right. The first book of his I read was Choke, which I thought was an interesting variation on the themes of Fight Club (which I've seen but have never read). Then I read Lullaby and realized, uh...this is the same book.

Still, he does have a very engaging and distinct style that's fun to read. I've actually heard he's been branching out a bit, so I am curious to hear about this one.