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Apr 23, 2007

come see it

By Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Kip Fagan

Apr 30 at 7:00PM
at Ars Nova
511 West 54th Street, just west of 10th Avenue

The event is free but rsvp's are a must. Rsvp at
rsvp @ arsnovanyc.com

Incendiary is the comic tale of a combustible group of
people. Elise is a pyromaniac fire chief. Jake is the
police detective investigating her fires. Carrie is a
therapist who's trying to get a client to quit some
truly destructive behavior, and Gary is leading the
life of a somewhat ineffective corporate spy. As the
smoke begins to billow and the sparks begin to fly,
they're all about to find out that love is the most
incendiary thing.


SEATTLE, one more week of Pretty Theft

LA, Food For Fish starts next week


frank's wild lunch said...

When are you in town? For how long? I'm going to see it, but I'm out of town this weekend....

Johnna Adams said...

I will try to make the show, Adam. It will be good to see the script with a different cast.

Adam said...

May 17-21, Kyle.

Great, Johnna. See you there!

Jaime said...

Just sent my RSVP email for me, Stephen, and Mark - field trip!

Adam said...

yay! seeya then!